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How can a university-level qualification help those in the hospitality industry?

25 May 2021 | College News

The hotel/hospitality, tourism and events sectors are large employers in the UK, and it is important that there is a skilled workforce to drive this industry forward. 

UKHospitality acknowledges that “generating good quality career opportunities for all ages and levels” is important, and “with two-thirds of our workforce already semi-skilled” the university-level course offered here at City College Plymouth can be the way to further your skills and fulfil your future ambitions.  After all, a skilled and happy workforce can best enjoy the rewards these industries have to offer 

If you have experience in the hospitality/hotel, tourism or events sector and perhaps have not studied for a while, the College will support your development, meaning that you can achieve a university-level qualification by applying what you know from industry to the concepts and theories included in the course. 

Our modules of leadership and personal development will build on your existing skills and look at how you can further motivate staff to get the best out of them and improve your managerial skills.  Other modules, such as Business Performance and Customer Relationship Marketing, can help you to boost your business, or even gain the knowledge to set up your own business! 

Our degree programmes are awarded by the University of Plymouth, but you will get to study at City College Plymouth where you will benefit from small class sizes and access to fantastic facilities and support services.

The College currently runs Foundation Degrees in International Tourism Management, and Hospitality and Hotel Management, both of which have been carefully designed to provide students with a wide range of higher level skills, and develop as much deeper understanding of customer service, leadership, and can offer the chance to further a person’s understanding of a particular sector, such as cruise management, or environmental management in relation to these hospitality industry.

Students on full-time courses study two days a week, or for part-time study, attendance is usually one day a week, which means most of our students still find time to work around their course to support their study.

Completing a Foundation Degree will provide you with the skills needed to embark on a full degree, and the College will support you through the entire process, from application to what to do after completion.

Entry requirements for our university-level courses are far more flexible than other universities, so please don’t be put off if you do not hold a level 3 qualification. Your work experience could be all you need.

If you would like to learn more about the different university-level courses that support career progression in the hospitality, tourism or events sector, please e-mail, who will happily talk to you about the different courses on offer. You can also find out about the different options for funding your course.

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