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Wearing of face coverings at City College Plymouth

Due to the high level of COVID-19 cases within the local community, it is mandatory for students and staff to wear face coverings in all internal communal areas.

This requirement is for all City College Plymouth sites and will apply to all students, staff, contractors and other visitors unless they are exempt in line with the Government guidance.

The College strongly supports this course of action to keep both the College and wider community safe.

Please read through the following drop-down sections for more information.

What counts as a face covering?

A face covering is something that safely covers the nose and mouth of the wearer. These can be reusable or disposable cloth coverings. 

 A visor is permitted in cases when other types of face coverings cannot be worn. 

Where must I wear a face covering?

For clarity, the term internal area applies to the following:

  •  corridors
  • stairs
  • lifts,
  • the refectory
  • Students’ Union a
  • any other non-teaching space where groups can gather.

When can I remove my face covering?

Face coverings can be removed in the following locations or settings:

  • in classrooms and teaching spaces, once seated/stationed and hand hygiene has been completed 
  • in the office space in which you are typically located, once seated/stationed and hand hygiene has been completed 
  • when delivering/receiving teaching or instruction whilst maintaining 2m distancing between staff and students 
  • if you have an exemption from wearing a mask (guidance below) 
  • when providing services to others where a ‘sneeze screen’ is provided, such 
  • when seated in an area provided for the consumption of food and drink 
  • while undertaking physical activity, but able to maintain social distancing 
  • in situations where the person you are communicating with relies upon lip reading 
  • when taking medication 
  • when receiving a professional treatment on the face, such as a facial beauty treatment
  • in situations where you are asked to prove your identity 
  • in an emergency situation where you may need to give or acknowledge commands and clarity of communication is required. 
  • Exemptions

    Support will be given to those that have a requirement to be exempt from wearing a face covering under current Government guidelines. Further information on exemptions can be found by clicking here.

    If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please inform your line manager or tutor who will support you with this.