Mature Student Gives College A*

26 September 2017 | College News, English & Maths

September is a month that sees many people taking the next steps in their education or career. It is during this month each year that Plymouth receives a large influx of students, but it is not all about 16-18 year olds as a rise in the number of mature students reminds us that it’s never too late to return to education.

City College student Bogdan Radu taught maths in his native country, Romania. After moving to England, Bogdan went from teacher to student, and at 49 years old returned to College to take his GCSEs. He is now hoping to go on to gain his UK teaching qualifications and continue with his career.

Alongside his studies, Bogdan gained valuable experience in the English education system volunteering as a maths teacher at Cathedral School for over a year. Now, inspired by the teachers he has met, he’s keen to get back to class.

“The teachers at the College are wonderful,” said Bogdan. “I have been a teacher since 1989, and in all that time, I have never seen lecturers so passionate about their jobs – they were very happy for me when I got my A*.

“This country needs good teachers and I hope to be one of them and go on to teach maths at secondary school level. Now with my science GCSE, I can do that.”

Most career pathways require applicants to have English, maths and science GCSE grades at a C/4 or above. This is now easier to achieve with City College where GCSE English and maths is free to those who do not currently hold these grades. Other financial support is available in the form of an Advanced Learner Loan. This funding allows those aged 19 and over that are looking to return to education, to ease the financial strain of tuition fees and living costs. The Advanced Leaner Loan helps those eligible to start courses with no upfront costs and they will only have to pay back the loan if their annual income exceeds £21,000.

For anyone looking to get ahead at work, try an entirely new field altogether, or learn more about a topic of interest, it’s not too late. The College is holding a Course Information Drop-in event at Kings Road on Wednesday 29 September between 5.30pm and 7.00pm. Visit or call 01752 305300 for more information.

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