Online Learning Statement

This document sets out the remote education offer being delivered by City College Plymouth. It intends to clearly inform students what they should expect from the College’s online learning provision in the current lockdown.

Due to the variety of practical courses offered at the College, online learning will differ to enable the staff to best support their students. 

Please note that remote learning and online learning are used interchangeably. 

Online Delivery

The College continues to deliver remote learning via Google Meet or Zoom, and also uses Google Classroom, Moodle and Aptem (for some apprentices) as it has done for many students since the start of the academic year. Students will have been provided with the relevant log-in information to access these platforms, and most will be familiar with these systems. 

Remote learning is designed to reflect a student’s classroom experience as much as possible, with learning objects, aims and success criteria set out as usual. 


All students should follow their usual timetables and teaching staff will notify students of any changes. General communication is provided via their usual virtual learning environment and/or social media. 

Feedback and assessment

Lecturers will use a variety of methods to carry out ongoing assessment to monitor progress. This will be done via submitted written work, class discussion and online quizzes. Lecturers will provide feedback and guidance to students.

Students who require specialist equipment

Due to the practical nature of many of the courses delivered at the College, staff are constantly reviewing how to appropriately deliver learning which requires specialist equipment. Where possible, alternative methods will be used, including using worked examples, modelling and online demonstrations.

Support for students without devices, internet connection or a suitable learning environment

The College is able to provide students without a suitable device with a loan item for this period. The College might also be able to assist with internet access via the Government’s scheme offering data plans and routers. 

In line with the guidance issued by the Government, the College is to remain open to all students considered vulnerable, which includes those unable to access online learning or without a suitable environment. If you believe you or a student in your care falls into this category, please contact their lecturer as soon as possible to arrange the most appropriate solution.

Please note the College is also open to the children of key workers. 

The Student Journey Google site can also provide help and support with accessing online learning. 

Support for students with SEND

The College is open to support students with face-to-face delivery where their educational needs mean it would be detrimental to their progress if this provision is unavailable – i.e. students who are part of our Skills Development and wider college community. 

For those students who receive additional learning support, the College will closely monitor the support in place, with learning support staff also supporting those students currently working from home via online methods. The learning support is reviewed and set out on a one-to-one basis depending on need, and arrangements will have been communicated to these students. 

Remote learning for apprentices

The College will continue to support apprentices through online learning. Apprentices who have been furloughed are still able to engage with their off-the-job training, and access to this learning will be via Google Classroom, Moodle or Aptem. 

Expectations of students

To enable the College to best support students, attendance is crucial and the monitoring of this is the priority of all staff. This includes attendance of all English and maths lessons to those this is applicable. The failure to attend online sessions will result in the usual disciplinary procedure being followed, unless alternative arrangements are agreed between the student and the lecturer. Online sessions are to be recorded for students unable to attend the live meeting.

As with onsite delivery, students are expected to attend all online sessions on time and fully prepared. 

Students are expected to abide by the Online Code of Conduct, and their behaviour is to be as expected on campus. 

Adult education

City College Plymouth offers a wide variety of courses designed for adults. In some instances, these courses are suitable for online or remote delivery, but where this is not possible, students and current applicants due to start in the near future will be contacted to discuss alternative arrangements and start dates. 

Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of students remains a priority, and the College is committed to its safeguarding procedures, and to ensuring students receive adequate support at this time. 

Below are a range of articles and resources that may offer help on a number of issues, including how to deal with anxieties related to the virus, boredom, isolation, managing screen time, social media use and maintaining healthy relationships.

If as a parent, guardian or carer you are seeking help with your emotional wellbeing, you can get help by accessing Quell –