Plymouth Pythagoreans, Devon dividers, and Cornish calculators offered up to £32k to teach maths

09 April 2018 | English & Maths

Maths. For many that single word conjures up years of living in fear of long division and sleepless nights spent worrying about what ‘x’ could possibly have equalled in that algebra exam. However, those who have a head for numbers are being offered a golden opportunity to share their love of maths through teaching incentives.

The Department for Education has introduced bursaries to encourage people with good numeracy skills to retrain as maths teachers. The financial incentives include a tax-free £20k bursary or scholarship; help with tuition fees; and early-career payments to support new teachers during their first year – all of which could add up to £32k for those considering teaching as a change in career.

Nadia McCusker, Director of English and Maths at City College Plymouth, said: “Many of our lecturers come to us with a strong industry background but no formal teaching experience. We support our lecturers to get their teaching qualifications on-the-job and we hope this funding for maths teachers will encourage more people to consider it as a real career choice.

“For those who have the numeric know-how but not the formal qualifications, the College offers the chance to get those all-important GCSEs; opening the door to teacher training courses.

“Maths is a core skill and the right teacher can really bring the subject alive and inspire their students. Their passion for numbers could inspire the next Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking or Ada Lovelace.”

As well as teaching maths as a standalone subject, City College embeds maths skills into their various study programmes to boost their students’ numeracy and employability skills. The Confederation of British Industry’s Director of People and Infrastructure, Neil Carberry, highlighted why this is so important.

He said: “Basic maths is essential for everyday life, as well as a key skill required in the workplace … Employers want all staff to be numerate, which means being able to confidently handle numbers, work out percentages and make estimates.”

Many of the region’s industries require employees to have strong numeracy skills, meaning those looking for a change in career are well placed to transfer their knowledge of mathematics to the teaching profession.

Those interested in finding out more about maths qualifications and training are encouraged to attend City College’s Open Day on Saturday 28 April, 10am – 1pm, or call 01752 305300 or e-mail

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