Top Grades for Student Who Wanted to Improve English

25 August 2016 | Access to HE & GCSEs, College News, International Students

English GCSE A Grade student

When Katarzyna Jagoda, 40, moved to Plymouth from Poland ten years ago she couldn’t speak any English. Today it was a very different story when she collected A grades in her English and Maths GCSEs.

The City College Plymouth student, who works as a dental technician, decided to return to learning as a break from her every day routine. She wanted not only to improve her English but also to be able to help her two children with their homework.

“I couldn’t believe my results when I opened the envelope, I am so happy,” said Katarzyna. “To get As in both subjects is amazing.

“I decided to do GCSEs because I was keen to do something for myself and thought they would be a good challenge. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed studying and going to classes.

“Everyone at the College has been so friendly and helpful. I have really enjoyed my time here and the experience has shown me how important it is to keep learning no matter how old you are. My family and friends have also been really supportive, which kept me motivated.”

Katarzyna was one of over 1,000 students who sat their English and Maths GCSE exams at the College this summer – a 35% increase on the previous year. The College’s overall GCSE pass rate was 94% – which is above the national pass rate for further education colleges#.

Principal and Chief Executive of City College Plymouth, Phil Davies, said: “I would like to congratulate all our students on another year of positive GCSE results. Students who study GCSEs at the College do so for a number of reasons; to re-take and gain better grades, to develop their career, and for interest as part of a lifelong learning programme.”

# Source: National Achievement Rate Tables 2014/15

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