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When the city wants to feel good and look great, you could be the one to make it happen!

The glamour of gorgeous hair, perfect make-up and relaxed well-being is always highly sought after. By learning the skills and creative techniques you need on our hair styling and beauty treatment courses, you’ll be on trend and in demand!

Our state-of-the-art day spa and hair and beauty salons are open to the public. You’ll train with our professional lecturers to perfect your skills in a range of hair and beauty treatments, as well as in customer service. You’ll also be taking part in a selection of competitions and shows to showcase your flair and creativity and catch the eye of potential employers.

So if you want to start your career or strengthen your expertise, our hair, beauty and treatment therapy courses will be the perfect platform to advance your skills.

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Erin Bewers

Developing her passion into a career

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Honorata Terlecka

"When I started my course at the College, every day I was learning something new and I just thought, wow - this is what I want to do."

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