Nicola Rosewarne

“I studied Theatre at Dartington College of Arts, a magical place where the philosophy was one of ‘learning through doing’. Above all we learned to be creatively fearless. There was a strong focus on trying the newest and most experimental art forms in theatre, choreography and writing. This multi-disciplined and enquiring approach has served me well throughout my career and I hope that I pass this core philosophy onto my students.

“After completing my degree I joined the acclaimed Kneehigh Theatre, working from 1988 to 2005 as a performer, movement director and director. I then went on to be a founding member of the Cornish company WILDWORKS, performing and directing critically acclaimed work in diverse locations ranging from a disused tin mine in Cornwall, to Kensington Palace. Most recently I have worked with the Barbican Theatre on Romeo & Juliet and have directed the world premiere of Simon Parker’s Third Light which will be re-worked and performed at the Minack Theatre Cornwall in September 2018.

“I originally started working at the College in 1994 and helped establish the theatre courses before going back out ‘on the road’ in 2001. After the Kensington Palace project in 2010, I decided that I’d had enough of being away from my loved ones and started to look for interesting and challenging work that was closer to home. A lecturing post arose here at the College and I was delighted to take it.

“’I love working with our students and seeing their incredible journeys. We stay in touch with many of them as their careers develop. At the moment we have students working all over the world in film, theatre and television… it’s very exciting.  There is a strong belief amongst the theatre team that we must stay vocationally relevant and current in our theatre making. What this means in practice is that the team are often working on their own projects – for example, last year many of the theatre team worked with Untamed Theatre Company taking a production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ out across the South West.

“I was asked to develop the HE provision In Theatre for the College, it was very exciting to be able to write a brand new Foundation Degree in Creative Theatre Practice and have it verified by the University of Plymouth. It’s deeply satisfying to now be delivering that course to our students. I am currently focused on developing our programme across levels 1 – 6 so that we can offer excellent training in theatre and performance to wide range of students of all ages and levels of skill.“