Emma Jenkins

Emma Jenkins, 30, studied an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Health and Social Care and Nursing and has successfully secured a place on the Midwifery degree at the University of Plymouth.

“The College offered a course that met the exact requirements I needed. The subjects were exciting and were exactly what I needed to get onto my university programme. The College is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) centre of excellence, and knowing this made the thought of studying biology here even more appealing. I just knew that the College was exactly where I was meant to study. The facilities are brilliant and they have a brilliant support system for students of all ages. As a mature student who suffers with anxiety, I needed to study somewhere where I knew I would be supported.”

“The subject areas covered are picked specifically to fit the entry requirements for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Healthcare Professionals courses at university. This course is amazing and I wish I had done it sooner, I really do!”

“I enjoy most things about this course! Yes, it is hard work. Yes, you have a lot of assignments to complete. Yes, you have to be organised, but actually, when you factor in the friends you meet, the things you learn, the staff that teach you, the building that surrounds you, there isn’t really anything to dislike! 

“The staff are wonderful and really try to engage students in their learning, teaching us to be autonomous learners right from the start. Lessons are interactive and arranged to fit all learning styles – there is always something that will suit you! I have made some incredible friends, people who I truly believe will be around for life – and I doubt I would have met them if it hadn’t been for this course!”

“Studying here has given me the confidence to believe that I am capable. Everything that I have experienced here has led me to be a more confident learner and a better person. I have much more insight into my chosen career because of the events that I have attended, that have been arranged by the College, and they have opened doors for me that I never knew existed. This includes the opportunity to write blog posts for the University and join their Nursing Society.”