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Electrical Apprenticeships

(Studying up to Level 3 NVQ and City & Guilds)

Electrical fitters will find themselves working in some of our most exciting and technically challenging areas. Working on warships and nuclear submarine systems you will learn a variety of practical skills from rewiring and connecting circuits, to overhauling, testing and installation of complex electrical equipment.


Mechanical Apprenticeships

(Studying up to Level 3 NVQ and City & Guilds)

Mechanical fitters will learn some of today’s most in demand engineering skills by working on equipment such as turbines, pumps, torpedo firing systems and complex hydraulic systems. You will learn how to take a piece of equipment apart and repair any faults before re-assembling it.


Fabricator Apprenticeships

(Studying up to Level 3 NVQ and City & Guilds)

A Fabricator will learn to work with steel, aluminium, timber or composite materials, they could be manufacturing ventilation trunking components for warships one day – or fitting out compartments and carrying out major structural repairs on board a submarine the next.


Marine Pipe Fitter Apprenticeships

(Studying up to Level 3 NVQ and City & Guilds)

A Marine Pipe Fitter might manufacture a fuel system for a gas turbine, make a stainless steel pipe for a nuclear reactor or become a brazing expert. You will need to understand material properties to ensure the pipes you make can pass the highest standards of testing and inspection.


Support Engineers

(Studying up to Level 3 NVQ and City & Guilds)

As a Support Engineer Apprentice you will learn core engineering hand & technical skills which you will transfer into a project support role where you will develop your engineering knowledge & skills. Your main task will be to create the working documents to enable the projects to operative effectively.


Welder Apprenticeships  

(Studying up to Level 3 NVQ and City & Guilds)

A Welder will learn how to work with numerous different types of materials and become competent in various weld processes. Learn how to read a drawing, manufacture and assemble structures by means of welding them together. You could be repairing the hull of a warship one day and working on a submarine the next.


CNC Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeships

A CNC manufacturing engineer is responsible for machining high integrity components for a wide range of projects. These components will be manufactured on CNC Lathes, Milling Machines and Machining Centres. As an apprentice CNC Manufacturing Engineer you will be taught the various processes involved in producing precision components, from raw material state through to testing the integrity of the finished item.


Higher Level Apprenticeships

(Studying up to Level 4 NVQ and Foundation Degree)

Designed to deliver the next generation of test, design and weapons engineers. Whilst developing core engineering skills and knowledge in design and marine systems, you will gain experience on mechanical and electrical marine engineering design, naval architecture, ship, submarine and weapons system testing, fault finding and commissioning.

Qualities and skills:

  • Electrical Fitters , Mechanical Fitters, Fabricators, Pipe Fitters, Welders, Support Engineer Apprentices and CNC Manufacturing Engineers  – Minimum GCSE Grade C or 4 in English, Maths & Science
  • Higher Level Apprentices – The above for your chosen trade plus an additional 2 A Levels at Grade C or 4 or above, one of the subjects being a Maths or Science based subject

Other info:

Applicants must apply via the Babcock website;


Key dates for the 2017-18 campaign

Event Dates
Advertising 4th Nov – 25th March 2018
Online Testing 20th Nov – 6th April 2018
Interviews 23rd April – 11th May 2018
Assessment Centre Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2018
Welcome Evening Wednesday 25th July 2018
Start Date/Induction Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th September 2018


What will you get paid?

Craft – Annual Craft – Monthly Higher – Annual Higher – Monthly
Year 1 £10,280 £856 £15,565 £1297
Year 2 £13,875 £1156 £20,555 £1712
Year 3 £18,775 £1564 £24,665 £2055
Year 4 £22,725 £1893 £26,140 £2178