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Who we are and what we do

Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts.

Legal framework

City College Plymouth was established as a Further Education Corporation independent of the local authority on 1st April 1993  At that time all General Further Education Colleges were subject to an Instrument and Articles of Governance laid down by the Government and which could only be changed by application to the Secretary of State.  Since then the Government has devolved responsibility to the colleges themselves and changes to colleges’ instrument and articles can now be made as long as there has been a commensurate level of consultation with its stakeholders.  City College Plymouth has, to date (June 2016), made one small amendment to its Instrument and Articles of Governance. City College Plymouth’s Instrument and Articles of Governance

Specific legislation referring to the conduct of Further Education establishments may be found in the following list (which is not exhaustive):

Education Reform Act 1988

Education Act 1994

Education (no.2) Act 1986

Further and Higher Education Act 1992

Learning and Skills Act 2000

The Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009

The Further Education and Training Act 2007

Children and Families Act 2004

Charities Act 2011 (Schedule 3)

The content of these acts is publicly available from HMS website or Hardcopy from HMSO Stationery Office subject to application and Crown Copyright; a cost may be incurred. Link to HMS website

How the College is organised

The Corporation is responsible for the overall functioning of the College.  It is accountable for the quality of the service to its students and their welfare, the financial health of the College and the proper use of public funds and sound management.  City College Plymouth currently has nine general governors who come from a wide variety of backgrounds including the public, business and community sectors. The five remaining governors come from the College itself ensuring that both staff and students have a voice. Their combined experience, expertise and knowledge enable the Board of the Corporation to respond to the College needs and that of the local community and businesses. Governors are unpaid and act in a voluntary capacity. Meet the Governors here.

The Principal and her Senior Leadership Team (SLT) are responsible for the day to day running of the College and provide advice to the Corporation.  The SLT are supported in their role by the College Management Team. Curriculum Contacts may be found here.

Corporation Standing Orders and Terms of Reference for its Committees are available on the College website along with the Duties of the Corporation and its Committees.

College term dates are available from the College website.

Location and Contact Details

Follow the link to the contact details of the College Management Team and Curriculum Contacts.


Student Activities

City College Plymouth has an active Student Union and information on its activities may be found on the College website.