Working as a Digital Marketing apprentice – Meabh Mulholland

02 September 2020 | Student Blog

My name is Meabh Mulholland, and one month ago I began an Apprenticeship in digital marketing with City College Plymouth. I’ve already learned so much in my time so far with the College, but I think it’s appropriate to start my first blog on why I chose to do a digital marketing Apprenticeship.

Why I chose an Apprenticeship after my degree

This summer, I graduated from Plymouth University with a first-class honours degree in media arts. Although I enjoyed my time and worked hard at university, I was subjected to the classic fear that every soon-to-be graduate faces – what am I supposed to do next?

I applied for graduate jobs after graduate jobs during my final year at university and I became so wrapped up in what I was going to do after that I almost forgot I had to complete a degree! Although I was applying for these jobs, I had little to no confidence in my ability if I actually got one of these jobs! Although I can say I’m skilled in certain areas that fall under digital marketing, such as design and social media, there is also a lot that I was required to learn such as coding and using analytics. These gaps in my learning made me uncomfortable with jumping into a job I felt underqualified for and I needed a way to bridge that learning.

Finding this position as a digital marketing apprentice for the College was perfect for me at this point in my professional journey. An Apprenticeship allows me to both adapt my skills to a company while also getting to learn on the job. 

My daily tasks as a digital marketing apprentice 

Each morning begins with searching through the previous day’s posts on the College’s social media channels and making sure each comment or message has been promptly responded to. With that, I then take approved posts made by the team and schedule them through ContentCal to be published post throughout the day. What I enjoy the most about the position is that, although there are some similarities day to day such as scheduling and monitoring, how I will spend the day quickly changes due to the nature of marketing and the need for rapid content. This means I promptly get to do exciting tasks such as designing posters, filming and editing videos, and handling other various jobs to help the overall branding of the College. 

Adapting to the Apprenticeship

Although I found it difficult at first to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the work, my line manager and co-workers are have been incredibly understanding and have been continually supporting me throughout each day as I become I’m getting more comfortable. Since beginning the Apprenticeship, I was told to ask as many questions as I needed to – and each day comes with about 50 new questions from me, usually revolving around information about the College and digital marketing made by the team in the past. Although the team understands I am an apprentice and inexperienced, they also are always looking for new ideas and are willing to hear any that I have; I think this is the most rewarding part of working in a creative field such as digital marketing. Using my initiative and seeing it work successfully is an incredibly motivating feeling and inspires me to be constantly putting my best effort into every job I am tasked with.

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