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Year 11 taster February 2022

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our Year 11 taster session. We hope you all had a fantastic time and that these sessions helped guide you towards your perfect course.

Below you can find some images of the taster session and have a look at some of the activities the Year 11s took part in.

Tasters 2022


The art taster session saw prospective students getting in touch with their inner creative geniuses, learning how to reflect their own personality and style via different mediums. 



These aspiring chefs had a busy but delicious afternoon at the catering taster making Turkish flatbreads, fresh loaves and baked desserts.

Childcare, Health and Social Care

Year 11s interested in careers in the care sector were given a tour of our new facilities, which include a realistic hospital ward and a classroom.

Computing, Media and Games Development

In our computing taster session, our visitors got insight into the highly technical world of programming whilst those who attended the media session experienced graphic design, photography, and a trip to the College’s very own green room.


In games design, the focus was on 3D modelling and the attendees loved having the chance to use our state-of-the-art motion-capture technology.

Construction: Carpentry and Painting and Decorating

In the construction taster session, all of the attendees enjoyed some hands-on experience in carpentry and painting and decorating.


Construction: Plumbing and Electrical

These Year 11 taster session for plumbing and electrical saw sparks as prospective students learnt some of the intricacies of wiring, whilst getting hands-on experience and guidance from our professional construction team.



The dance taster session saw attendees enjoying a workshop learning choreography, making new friends and boosting their confidence with our experienced team.



The budding engineers got a taste of some of the most advanced training techniques the industry has to offer with our state-of-the-art augmented welding facilities.


Hair and Beauty

At the hair and beauty taster session, our visitors got to experience the facilities at our state-of-the-art Stars Hair and Day Spa, where they took part in a nail therapy session, learning some of the tricks of this craft from our fantastic Stars team.


Our Year 11 music tasters got to experience our studio and rehearsal spaces by spending the day doing what they love most: making music.

Sport and Public Services

The sport and public services taster session stirred our attendees’ competitive side and started building on their natural leadership and team skills.