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KIngs Road Campus - City College Plymouth

Welcome to City College Plymouth: the learning destination of choice

If you are a current student here, thank you for making us your learning destination of choice. If you are thinking about joining us, thank you for your consideration. By choosing City College, you are choosing a college that places you at the centre of everything we do. Together we move lives and transform futures.

City College takes pride in the role it plays here in Plymouth and the wider region. By providing access to relevant skills, outstanding training, state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent network of support services, we seek to have a positive impact on both your future and the wider region.

We want you to finish your time with us ready to succeed and to play a role in making our city the place to live, work and play. The impact you will have on your future employers starts here, at City College, and that is why we work closely with the business community and organisations throughout the Great South West and beyond to ensure the skills we deliver are not just what industries need now but also what they need in the future.

As the city’s anchor organisation for skills, we nurture the symbiotic relationship we have with employers – their success means opportunities for our students. But we also realise that their success relies on producing skilled, confident, healthy and resilient workers, which is why health and wellbeing is as important as skills. 

KIngs Road Campus - City College Plymouth

Plymouth is a fantastic city with great potential, and our guiding principle here at the College is to ensure our learning environment and organisational culture impacts positively on the health, wellbeing and sustainability of our community and enables all of our students and staff to achieve their full potential. If the workforce fulfils its potential, then so will our city.

We have an extensive range of courses from full-time BTECs and technical qualifications, T Level and university-level courses, to Apprenticeships, part-time and distance learning for adults, GCSEs, functional skills and more.

Above all else, City College is a safe learning environment that celebrates diversity, champions creativity and encourages innovation, making us your learning destination of choice, whoever you are and whoever you might want to be.

Jackie Grubb
Chief Executive / Principal

If you would like to contact the Chief Executive / Principal please contact Fran Stratford by calling 01752 305707 or e-mail