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T Level Foundation Programmes – or T-Preps as we are calling them – support school-leavers who aren’t quite ready to start a T Level.

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What you need to know

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T-Preps are City College Plymouth’s name for T Level Foundation Programmes.

With T Levels such a fundamental part of ongoing reforms to technical education and a bid to drive growth and skills in key areas, the government would like to see as many young people as possible gaining these new qualifications.

T-Preps are high-quality routes onto T Levels for those students who would benefit from additional study time to prepare.

T-Preps are full-time courses which start in September.

T-Preps are for young people aged 16 to 19. Like other courses for 16 to 19-year-olds, these courses are fully funded and will cost you nothing. Those with an EHCP are able to do these courses fully funded until the age of 24.

Not everyone will do a T-Prep. The College has a wide range of courses that are different levels and offer different progression routes.

T Levels have entry requirements that are similar to A Levels, and not everyone will achieve these grades by the end of the Year 11. Those who are in this category but have a strong desire to complete a T Level will get the chance to discuss completing a T-Prep programme during the application process.

There is a place for everyone at City College and will work with you to find the right level of course to support your career ambitions and see you on the path to success. Those who aren’t suited to a T-Prep will be signposted to other courses and routes into employment.

T-Preps run for one year and are full-time study programmes. They will include:

  • technical knowledge and practical skills relevant to your chosen T Level subject
  • projects to help you prepare for the work placement element of the T Level
  • industry-relevant English and maths skills, and digital skills
  • an individual support and personal development plan.

The T-Prep is designed to support you in your goal of progressing to, and successfully completing, a T Level.