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KIngs Road Campus - City College Plymouth


At City College Plymouth, we prioritise the success of our students, and we know that parents and carers play a significant role in helping young people plan for their future.

We want you to feel confident that the College will provide your child with everything they need to achieve a bright future.

We're here to help

We understand that sometimes your child may require extra assistance, funding, or support. Our website provides comprehensive information regarding course costs, and additional support available to students with special needs. We also encourage you to reach out to us directly at 01752 305300 or with any questions you may have. City College Plymouth is dedicated to working with you to help your child settle in and achieve their academic goals.

Learning support

We strive to ensure that all our students thrive academically. In some cases, this means providing additional learning support, especially for students with disabilities or learning difficulties. We encourage you to notify us of any additional help your child may require, as early as possible, to enable us to provide the appropriate support.

Students are free to disclose their disabilities at any point, from application to any point during the course. We respect each student’s right not to disclose a disability. However, if we are unaware of any disabilities, we cannot offer the necessary support. For more information on the support we provide, please visit our Student Support page.

Careers guidance

The College’s careers guidance service is available throughout your child’s journey at City College Plymouth. In partnership with Careers South West, we offer individual guidance interviews and various careers information to help your child make informed decisions about their career path.

The service is free, impartial, confidential, and available to all our students. We are committed to providing exceptional guidance to our students, as reflected in our Matrix Award for information, advice, and guidance, and our adherence to the National Careers Service Framework.

Your support

We understand that the transition from college to the workplace is a crucial phase in your child’s life. At City College Plymouth, we are committed to supporting your child’s growth in confidence and independence. We acknowledge that your support remains vital to your child’s continued success, and we encourage you to continue to support them through this process.

If your child is a full-time student under the age of 18, with their consent we will invite you to the college twice a year to meet with their tutor. During these meetings, you will discuss your child’s attendance, progress, overall student experience, and future steps.


We understand that regular attendance is critical to every student’s success. All our students are expected to attend every lesson, except when they are ill or have a legitimate reason for their absence. In such cases, students must notify us in advance by calling 01752 305300, and their tutor will follow up on their absence.

It is worth noting that some financial support schemes are based on 100% attendance. Therefore, we encourage all students to strive to achieve perfect attendance.

You are welcome to make appointments to discuss your child’s progress with our staff at any time, particularly if you have any concerns. If your child is over 18 at enrolment, we will require their permission in compliance with GDPR.