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When you attend the College, you’ll have an initial assessment which will help us understand what your levels of reading and maths are. You will also carry out a short assessment, to find out how you learn best and whether we can help with any additional support you may require. If the assessments suggest you’d benefit from extra help, you will be invited to a further assessment.


Skills Development JAN'24 CCP

Many of our students have additional needs

We can support you with:

  • a dedicated programme of study within Skills Development
  • autism
  • dyslexia
  • hearing impairments (signer communicators available)
  • continuing illness (epilepsy, diabetes, ME, etc)
  • learning difficulties
  • mental health conditions (one-to-one confidential support, one hour meetings)
  • physical disabilities
  • visual impairments.
Skills Development - JAN'24 - CCP

Dedicated support staff

Our Learning Support team can offer:

  • in-class support, where appropriate
  • individual sensory support (signer communicators, learning support assistants) where appropriate
  • group study skills sessions
  • specialist assessment for dyslexia or exam concessions
  • liaison with your tutor about alternative assessment and assignment work
  • support for reading, writing and maths in certain functional skills and GCSE classes
  • liaison with other community agencies on your behalf as necessary
  • drop-in exam revision sessions
  • exam preparation and revision sessions
  • transition support from school to College
  • assistive technical advice.

Lead of SEND and Student Inclusion

Natalie Fallaize

Skills Development JAN'24 CCP (2)