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As the anchor institution for skills within Britain’s Ocean City, the College is a leader in the blue/maritime sector and this area is a key strategic priority for the region, the city and the College.

The city is already a national leader in maritime defence, marine technology, marine leisure boat production, and is in the process of implementing Freeport status.

Meeting Industry Needs

Within this thriving sector there is significant recruitment and skills needs. To meet these demands we will:

  • lead on a maritime and defence sector skills partnership with Babcock International on behalf of the city to identify and coordinate the development of the essential skills required to meet the sector need
  • grow our Apprenticeship provision at level 3 and Higher Apprenticeship level
  • introduce a range of level 3 Skills Bootcamps linked to the major marine defence employer to support entry into – and upskilling of – the workforce
  • develop cooperative arrangements for workforce planning with key employers to create and deliver a skills pipeline to the sector meeting future skills needs
  • expand our marine carpentry offer to meet marine leisure boat sector demand
  • develop outstanding immersive learning resources to deliver training for high risk activities in a safe, simulated environment while also realising significant resource savings.

Leading Facilities

In addition, the College recognises the need for the city to have sector leading facilities to provide the skills to the sector, supporting growth and innovation. The College has already built a Centre for Higher Technical Innovation & Maritime Skills in collaboration with key employers such as Babcock International, and funded through the SWIoT – however, there remains the need for significant further development of facilities. Over the next 12 months we will seek capital investment to increase the capacity of both welding, marine defence and manufacturing facilities – an essential requirement to meet the skills needs of the maritime sector.

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