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City College Plymouth is a large vocational and technical General Further Education (GFE) College offering both Further and Higher Education (FE and HE) provision and is a significant contributor to the educational, cultural and economic life of Plymouth.

Accountability Statement - Strategic Objectives - City College Plymouth

The College's Eight Strategic Actions

The College’s Strategic Intent 2021 set out eight strategic actions to achieve our vision to be the Learning Destination of Choice.

We will respond to a changing economy with education that connects learning and our learners to the real world, working with students, employers and other stakeholders to shape a flexible, agile skills provision, supporting employment, innovation and productivity and fundamentally delivering for our students, through our strategic action: curriculum.

We will empower our staff through clarity of purpose, confidence and shared understanding. A culture of trust will enable us all to embed our values – respect, ownership, integrity – motivating our daily actions, attitudes, language and decisions through our strategic action: developing people.

We will become a cloud and digital-first college, maximising the use and benefits of our technologies to re-imagine our curriculum and services through our strategic action: digital.

We will ensure we have the financial resilience to drive growth and innovation through our curriculum, partnerships and our estate through our strategic action: finance.

We will create collaborative, integrated solutions to strengthen the current and future health and care workforce and improve the wider determinants of health in our city through our strategic action: health and active wellbeing.

We will co-create employer-responsive, flexible technical skills programmes in marine, advanced manufacturing, construction, digital and sciences to reshape the skills landscape of our community and drive growth through our strategic action: maritime, manufacturing, construction and the built environment.

We will build and use our physical spaces, infrastructure and resources to drive and respond to key developments in our curriculum, our community and our economy through our strategic action: estates and assets.

We will support the region by collaborating and innovating with the civic and commercial sectors, continually developing our curriculum and business models to deliver the true potential of the College through our strategic action: opportunities.

Plymouth Growth Board

The College sits on the highly influential Plymouth Growth Board, the primary forum for public/private engagement that shapes city-wide activity.

This is the delivery partnership of the local growth plan of which the local skills plan is one of the key pillars. Our involvement with this group is significant with the chair of this board also being the College’s Chair of Governors. Our Chief Executive also sits on this body. Other representation on this body includes the Chief Executives of Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Plymouth. Membership of this group ensures that the College reflects the needs of the city.

Development Fund

The College is an active partner in a Strategic Colleges Development Fund partnership with Bridgwater & Taunton College, Yeovil College, Strode College, Petroc, South Devon College and Exeter College. The particular focus has been shaped by employers and is an emerging priority for the Local Skills Improvement Plan.

An important element of our close regional working relationship within the Devon Colleges Group has been to map our curriculum across the region to ensure that there is effective curriculum coverage to meet skills needs identified through LMI and stakeholder engagement. As a result of this collaboration adult Apprenticeships are mapped for the region.

Our Apprenticeship Offer

Apprenticeship programmes, covering all the key industrial sectors.

Click below to view the breadth of the course offer currently available. With programme at level 1 through to Intermediate Level, Advanced Level 3 and Higher Level (Level 4 and 5), there is sure to be an offer to meet your training needs.

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