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Ben Towers

Guest of Honour at Apprenticeship Awards 2024

Ben Towers, a celebrated and award-winning entrepreneur, has left an indelible mark on the business world through his groundbreaking ventures and dedication to fostering employee well-being. Born in Kent, England, this prodigious talent has risen to prominence at the tender age of 25, earning accolades for his remarkable achievements.

Currently serving as the Founder of Happl, an esteemed employee engagement platform, Ben spearheads a mission to revolutionise the workplace environment. Happl stands as a testament to his vision, effectively managing benefits, recognition, and rewards for start-ups worldwide while prioritising the well-being of employees and addressing mental health issues.

Ben Towers’ journey into entrepreneurship started at a remarkably young age. At just 11 years old, he embarked on his maiden entrepreneurial venture, Towers Design. Undeterred by his lack of experience in business and website development, Ben undertook the challenge of creating a functional website. Armed with determination and resourcefulness, he acquired the requisite skills through YouTube tutorials, successfully building a functioning website – a feat that marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial odyssey.

Ben Towers’ innovative spirit and unique approach to business manifested further when he became the first individual to employ himself as an apprentice. This strategic move allowed him to concentrate on fostering his business’s growth while pursuing his education simultaneously.

The success of Towers Design led Ben to scale the business to a team of 26 professionals collaborating with esteemed brands like IHG, Virgin Racing, and Champneys. By the age of 18, he made an exit from Towers Design, having turned it into a thriving enterprise.

His entrepreneurial acumen caught the attention of influential figures in the industry. Renowned entrepreneur Richard Branson hailed Ben as ‘one of the UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs,’ while The Times lauded him as ‘the smartest kid on the planet.’