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Animal Care Services Occupations

About this career


Median salary

New workers start around £7,889.30. Normal pay is £19,655 per year. Highly experienced workers can earn up to £32,245.82.



Subjects achieved a 100% pass rate, including Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Literature and Spanish.

About this career

  • Work alongside veterinary surgeons and nurses to provide vital nursing care to ensure the wellbeing of animal patients.
  • Patrols public areas to search for and capture stray or nuisance dogs, and transports captured animals to kennels.
  • Meets prospective owners and advises on animal selection and animal care.
  • Checks animals for illness, treats minor ailments or calls for vet if further treatment is required.
  • Houses, feeds, exercises, trains, grooms horses, dogs and other animals in preparation for entry to shows, races and other events.
  • Cleans animals’ quarters and renews bedding as necessary.
  • Feeds, washes, grooms, trims and exercises animals.

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