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Level 3 Boat Building Apprenticeship – Supported by Princess Yachts

Starting his Apprenticeship in September 2023, Aiden is well on his way to crafting a career in a booming industry, supported by a prestigious employer.

Since September, Aiden has been learning the ins and outs of the principles of carpentry, preparation required and regulations for production. After all, it’s not just about building skills; he’s also getting a real feel for the craft.

“I’m really enjoying the Apprenticeship – I’ve loved the workshop, because personally I’m a lot more practical. I like working with my hands and I’m pretty creative, so I look forward to that every week.”

With regular visits from Princess Yachts throughout the Apprenticeship, as well as site visits, Aiden is getting to grips with a range of skills needed to jump head-first into a hands-on role. 

The Boat Building Apprenticeship not only gives students the basic skills and knowledge needed for a role in carpentry and boat fitting, but comes with a sense of security, too. At the end of his Apprenticeship, Aiden will be invited to undergo a short assessment and offered an interview for a full-time position with Princess Yachts.

Aiden’s passion for carpentry is clear and his enthusiasm for his Apprenticeship is infectious.

“If anyone is interested in doing an Apprenticeship, I’d really recommend it. It’s a great experience that lets you get hands-on experience while you’re learning. Even the atmosphere is different, everyone works really hard and motivates each other.”

For those interested in signing up for an Apprenticeship, click here to find out more.