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Curriculum Lead & Development Officer for Media, Digital Industries & Performing Arts

Amy’s creating a storm in the creative industries …

As the Curriculum Lead & Development Officer for Media, Digital Industries & Performing Arts, Amy is in charge of making sure the curriculum in these exciting and creative areas not only prepares students academically but also gets them ready for the competitive industry. And, her deep passion for education started when she was a child herself …

“I remember sitting in a music class when I was seven years old and I immediately thought – I want to do that! I want to teach. Since that point, I’ve done everything I can to get into teaching.”

Amy’s enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge only grew as she got older, where she dove head-first into music technology, where she became hooked on learning various software and hardware and enhancing her skills and knowledge.

By the time she was 23, Amy was already teaching at Cornwall College, starting in music performance. Her career quickly evolved, leading her to dBs Music, which was part of City College Plymouth. Amy fully transitioned to City College Plymouth, climbing the ranks from teaching roles to programme management, and finally to her current leadership position.

In her new role, Amy is passionate about creating opportunities for her students. 

“I know how important it is to encourage school leavers to be their best selves, but on the same page, how essential it is to give adults a second chance at education. No matter their age, I’ve always been passionate about giving my students opportunities to grow.”

And, a large part of Amy’s role is making sure her students are ready to jump into a range of highly competitive industries following their education. And, one of the ways she’s doing it is through integrating a range of tech into the curriculum …

“A big focus this year is showing our students how to work alongside tech and AI, instead of fearing it. At the end of the day, technology is just a tool to make their jobs easier, and this is a message we’re incorporating into our curriculum.”

Looking ahead, Amy wants to continue having an impact on her students’ achievements – from their very first day in the classroom to their graduation.