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Jack Carpenter

In a matter of months, Jack Carpenter will be living his dream of falling asleep in one country and waking up in another when he starts his career with Marella Cruises. 

The 22-year-old apprentice is looking forward to life at sea working as a customer assistant and has a clear career plan. With his mother and nan a former event manager and a hotel manager respectively, some might say the hospitality industry is in Jack’s blood, and he started working part-time as a waiter whilst still in school.

The former All Saints pupil joined the College as a level 2 hospitality apprentice, whilst gaining vital on-the-job experience working at the well-known Future Inn at Plymouth’s International Business Park.

Now nearing the end of his Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor Apprenticeship, the past few years have given Jack the opportunity to build up his experience of working in various hotel and hospitality roles, including in managerial positions. 

Jack said: “This Apprenticeship has been particularly helpful for developing people management skills. My specialism is in front office supervision – so managing the front desk and the various reception activities, dealing with reservations, that sort of thing. In this role, we are often a guest’s first point of contact on arrival and also when they need assistance. 

“Working in hospitality, you meet so many different types of people, and the theory we have learnt has been really useful for explaining how and why a person might react or behave in a particular way. 

“A really useful part of the course is studying communication skills and how effective communication is essential for desired results. We also learn a lot about the business side of the industry, managing budgets, staffing costs – these skills are all extremely useful for those who aspire to run their own businesses or want to work in management.”

For the past two years Jack has been working at OYO Plymouth Central located at New George Street, which is a popular choice for young travellers on a budget, but he is now looking forward to starting his career working on cruise ships.

Jack added: “The staff at City College have really helped me to get the most of this Apprenticeship to support my career goals and they are all very knowledgeable about the industry, its history and possibilities for the future. 

“I was very lucky to get to visit Italy for two weeks as part of my Apprenticeship which was an incredible experience. Whilst it was only a relatively short trip, we learnt a lot. Whilst this is a generalisation, the Italians are a lot more traditional when it comes to their hospitality industry – the UK is becoming more relaxed. It was a really fantastic experience, and I have loads of great memories of this trip.

“I’m hoping to be able to join Marella Cruises in a few months. I will be working as a customer assistant, basically doing everything I can to make sure the guests have the best possible time – that’s what I love most about this industry, and the fact I can see the world whilst doing this is even more special. 

“I hope to gain enough experience and work my way up, ultimately becoming a cruise director one day; but I’m just looking forward to all the experiences that will get me to that stage.”