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Painting & Decorating Apprenticeship

Jasmine, a talented painting and decorating apprentice, began her journey at City College Plymouth a little earlier than usual …

Designed for home-schooled teenagers, Jasmine first enrolled at the College at age 14, through the Jumpstart Programme. Demonstrating exceptional dedication from the outset, Jasmine was honoured with the Pre-employment Student of the Year Award in 2019 and is now thriving as an apprentice with Eliza Tay Lady Decorators & Interior Design.

Influenced by her brother’s experience on the Jumpstart Programme, Jasmine decided to try out a number of courses and ultimately decided on painting and decorating – even though she’d never considered the industry before. 

“I never really considered myself as particularly ‘arty’ or ‘creative’ but I have heard some people describe me that way. But now that I’m in the industry, I’ve realised how happy it makes me to make other people happy through my creativity. I didn’t really appreciate this until I started meeting clients and working in their homes. Now I enjoy seeing how pleased they are when a job has been completed and done well.”

Whilst studying at the College, Jasmine successfully completed level 1 and level 2 diplomas in her field, where she focused on building her confidence and skills in the workplace. Despite having gained the qualifications to be able to start working full-time as a painter and decorator, Jasmine felt an Apprenticeship was the next logical step for her and took the plunge.

“I used to really struggle with confidence in myself and communicating with others. At the start of my Apprenticeship, I found it difficult to even accept a cup of tea from a client! But now, thanks to my lecturers at the College, my boss and my workmates, I feel a lot more comfortable talking to my clients. I couldn’t have gotten to that point without doing my Apprenticeship.”

Now in her final year of her Apprenticeship, Jasmine still finds enjoyment in her role and really values what the experience has taught her. From getting to grips with the foundations of the industry to developing her soft skills, she’d advise anyone to take on the challenge.

If you’re thinking about taking on an Apprenticeship and want to know more, just click here to explore the exciting possibilities that City College Plymouth has waiting for you.