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Matt Getson

Matt Getson, 17, has held a passion for travel since he was young. He previously had ambitions of becoming a pilot, but having had his eyes opened to the vast number of career opportunities offered by the industry, Matt said he is still exploring his options.

Matt explained: “I’ve always loved that feeling you get when you are going on holiday, particularly when you visit an airport. I want to be able to enjoy a little bit of that feeling in my daily life and that is why I have chosen to study travel and tourism. 

“People think it is quite limited but there are so many career possibilities as a result of studying travel and tourism. Domestic tourism – particularly here in Plymouth – is growing and that will bring new options for work, but there are so many opportunities further afield and abroad, too.”

For Matt, the variety of the topics covered has been the best thing about the course – that and how much his confidence has grown as a result. 

“I was extremely shy when I was at school,” Matt said, “and even a short conversation with someone would make me nervous. Now, I can stand up in front of a room full of people and give a presentation. I’ve even been able to talk live on Radio Cornwall!”

Since starting his course, Matt has set up his own drone photography business, which is growing rapidly and caught the attention of the local media.  

Matt added: “In addition to learning about the different industries connected to the travel and tourism sector, you also learn about running businesses and these skills are very transferable. 

“The wealth of knowledge that the lecturers offer is outstanding – they know this sector inside out, and I have learnt so much from them. They are also really helpful, provide excellent feedback and advice, and they really want to see you succeed.”

Matt will be returning to City College to complete the second year of his Level 3 Diploma, which will enable him to progress on to university if he decides to continue his education. 

“I’m still a little undecided about my plans after College: studying here has given me such a good insight into life in the industry that I’m keen to get out and start working; however, I’m also contemplating doing a degree to further my knowledge.

“If, like me, you want your future career to feel like you are on holiday every day, I thoroughly recommend this course. It’s fun, you cover some fascinating topics, and you develop so many skills that are suited to a wide number of different careers.”