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Milly Coupe

Milly Coupe, 19, is well on her way to a successful career in media and is currently working as an apprentice content creator for Ocean City Media.

After completing A Levels, Milly opted for an Apprenticeship over university and is benefitting from being able to immediately apply her developing skills in a real working environment.

Milly said: “My Apprenticeship has been a fantastic experience. My skills and knowledge have developed across the media industry. I particularly enjoy the hands-on practicality of my role as I get to experience what it takes to be a filmmaker.

“This includes going out shooting and editing the final products which is extremely rewarding. I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship in film production.”

Tom Palmer, co-founder at Ocean City Media, said: “This Apprenticeship has been a huge boost – we’re a microbusiness and, therefore, the impact on our productivity of adding a really smart and hardworking new member of the team has been immense.

“A particular benefit is the flexibility of the course, digital media production and marketing changes incredibly quickly and to be able to adapt and evolve the apprenticeship as we go is crucial.”

“Milly is our most dynamic asset, the more we invest in time, training and applied learning in the field, the more valuable she becomes. After only a month Milly can produce, film and edit content because she can apply her training immediately in the workplace.  And given this is the first time we have hired an apprentice, City College Plymouth’s  support is invaluable. We were taken through the process, costs and responsibilities from the start and Milly has progress meetings every month to guide her through her assignments.”