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Head of Marketing, Burts Snacks

Sas, Head of Marketing at Burts Snacks, faced a challenging scenario last year. 

Working as a marketing team of one due to staffing shortages, she took on the daunting task of recruiting a skilled marketer in Plymouth. Following on from the knock-on effects of Covid-19, the local talent pool was limited, and the financial implications of hiring from larger markets like London were off the table for the Devon-based business.

With a clear objective to find someone who could form strong relationships and the ability to gain a deep understanding of the products, which is crucial in the food industry, Sas decided to look at the option of Apprenticeships. Her search led her to City College, which then put her in touch with Cassidy – a potential apprentice whose exceptional professionalism, excellent presentation skills, and mature approach to work distinguished her from other candidates.

“I had chatted with a few people, but then I found Cassidy and she was completely different to anyone else I had interviewed. She came across as a seasoned professional, which was a far cry from everyone else. She delivered a great presentation, interviewed really well and she had the basic know-how, along with the maturity needed to work with people and get things done.”

Before Sas knew it, Cassidy was starting her first day and neither of them have looked back since. With a great academic record, along with good presentation, Sas knew that Cassidy was going to fit in really well at Burts Snacks and she’s gone on to prove her manager right. 

Sas ensured that her apprentice dove head-first into the world of marketing from the get-go, taking on tasks from data analysis to artwork development, alongside managing agencies and mastering the core processes of the company. Hiring an apprentice wasn’t just about making sure someone learnt the ropes; it was about having fun and finding their feet in a professional setting. Sas watched Cassidy grow into her role, becoming more confident and communicative, which was exactly what they needed in their team. 

“Taking on an apprentice does require a lot of investment from the business, it really does. We wanted to do it properly and train someone from the ground up and this experience has really allowed us to do that. It’s been a real commitment but it’s so worth it. Cassidy’s Apprenticeship with us has allowed her to absorb the ins and outs of the business like a sponge. You can see the fruits of our labour, not just mine, the entire company has been involved in shaping this experience.”

Burts Snacks really stands out for their commitment to growing their team from within. With a great track record of developing their people, their apprentices in particular, Sas’ experience is another gold-star example of what an Apprenticeship can bring to a business.

“If you’re thinking about hiring an apprentice, absolutely do it. It’s more than paid off for us at Burts because we chose the right person and that’s the most important thing. You need to treat it exactly the same as the usual hiring process and access the raw talent and take the time to do that.

Be prepared to invest time in training the apprentice – be patient and consistent. The impact they’ll go on to have will be immense and you won’t look back.”

If you’re a business looking to expand or upskill your team in a cost-effective way, take a look at our Apprenticeships for Employers page and find out how an Apprenticeship could transform your business.

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