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Pathway: Science

Home Country: Taiwan

“I am currently a student at The University of Adelaide, and I previously studied at City College Plymouth. The teaching facilities and equipment at City College Plymouth are very modern and the school is surrounded by residential areas and parks, which creates a quiet and chilled learning environment. The courses provide every student with equal learning opportunities, and the instructors are friendly and supportive, never hindering your enthusiasm for learning and curiosity.

You can manage your own time and get to know the local culture, knowledge, and even the pace of life during your studies. PDVL and Wesley provide comprehensive services, including course selection analysis, university applications, and support during your time at City College. It saves a lot of hassle and worrying and compared to applying on your own, the difference in efficiency and speed is very noticeable.

During the university application process, they listened to all my concerns and goals, discussed them thoroughly, and provided me with various practical perspectives and advice. I’m grateful to everyone at PDVL – to be able to achieve this level of support, I consider it a friendship.”