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Teddy Lovelock

Teddy Lovelock is among the first cohort of students to study for a T Level in Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing and Control and says they have been blown away by how much they have already learned. 

Teddy, aged 18, joined City College Plymouth from Scott Medical College where they completed the first year of an Extended Diploma in Health Studies. Prior to starting sixth form, Teddy had been hoping to become a midwife, but soon after starting the health course they realised it wasn’t the right path 

Having heard such good feedback from friends already studying at City College, Teddy decided to attend an open day where they learnt about T Levels – new A Level-equivalent qualifications that would be starting in September 2022. Having achieved a grade 7 in maths, Teddy was hoping to find a course that would allow them to develop their maths skills further and was intrigued by the T Level in Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing and Control.

Having gone to their brother – an architect – for some advice, Teddy had already been considering an engineering-related course, and although they are not yet fully decided, civil engineering is a strong contender for Teddy’s future. 

Teddy said: “All of my friends who had gone to City College were loving their courses whilst mine wasn’t really what I was expecting. I live only a few minutes away from the College and, on learning about the T Level, I knew this was the right decision. 

“I found the prospect of a T Level very exciting. I wanted to do something different and what can be more different than a brand-new qualification? I know some people might be put off by the fact T Levels are new, but I find it exciting to be among the first people to do these courses. The lecturers really value our opinions and our feedback could help shape this course as it develops.”

One of the best things about the College, according to Teddy, is the lecturers. Teddy added: “I’ve been so impressed by the staff here. I have autism and the staff have been really understanding of the condition and my needs. I’m not always able to communicate my thoughts or emotions and they have taken the time to get to know me so they can tell if I’m finding something difficult or if I need support. 

“I also really appreciate being treated like an adult. We are granted a lot of independence and shown a lot of respect by the staff, and the other people on my course are really great too. Everyone seems fairly motivated to work hard and make the most of these new opportunities. I’m particularly looking forward to the work placement aspect of my course to see people doing what could be my job one day in the future.

“It has been a really good start to the course – I’ve learnt so much already. My mum can’t believe some of the knowledge I now have! It has also been challenging, but not overwhelming. 

Whilst it isn’t easy to start again, if something isn’t for you, you shouldn’t just stick with it when you have other options. I am really pleased I came to the College and I’m loving learning so much as a result of studying for a T Level.”

On completion of their T Level, Teddy is hoping to progress to the University of Plymouth or one of the College’s engineering university-level courses.