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Tyler Brandon-Silsby

Former City College Plymouth student Tyler Brandon-Silsby is at the start of an exciting journey having secured his dream job as a detective constable with the Metropolitan Police. 

Now aged 21, Tyler joined the College straight from school and believes the determination and perseverance that he learned whilst studying public services is one of the key factors to his success. With a goal of joining the police, Tyler knew that the Level 3 Diploma in Public Services was the right course for him and that it would give him a solid foundation of knowledge to support his ambitions. 

Tyler said: “I knew I wanted to come to City College as soon as I arrived for an open day. The welcome I received was amazing – first impressions are important to me. I found the staff really supportive and I felt listened to. I instantly knew this was where I wanted to start my career and that I was putting myself in the right hands.”

Tyler’s first impressions were quickly confirmed after he started his course, explaining how much he appreciated being treated like an adult but also knowing that support was on hand if he needed it. He explained: “I felt valued and part of this huge team. As for the course itself, I found the modules captivating. They gave me a really in-depth understanding of the different emergency services and I wanted to further my knowledge by completing the second year of the diploma. 

“I had a good connection with the lecturers. They knew my strengths and weaknesses, and they were able to bring the modules to life. Throughout the course, you are constantly developing essential life skills, such as communication, teamwork and social skills, all of which are important for any career.”

Tyler said he was also very impressed with the levels of support offered at the College. He said: “I never felt like I had to deal with anything alone. There was always someone to talk to, be that a lecturer, another member of staff or one of the many support groups or services. They would always be available whenever you needed them.

“I will always cherish my time at the College. The skills and the knowledge that I learned will stay with me throughout my career and I will always look back at the time with great fondness. If your career plans are similar to mine, I can fully recommend this course.”