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Level 3 Boat Building Apprenticeship – Supported by Princess Yachts

Vinny’s journey into the Boat Building Apprenticeship isn’t your typical classroom story …

After discovering that the traditional education routes weren’t working for him, Vinny began looking for something that would scratch his practical itch. So, he turned to City College to find out what was available.

“I never really got on at school, so I wanted to try an Apprenticeship. It’s a completely different setting and you’re treated like a young adult. You can still have a laugh with your mates while you’re getting on with good work as well.”

With regular visits from Princess Yachts throughout the Apprenticeship, as well as site visits, Vinny is getting to grips with a range of skills needed to jump head-first into a hands-on role.

Vinny’s Apprenticeship focuses not only on the technical skills of carpentry and boat outfitting but also emphasises the importance of soft skills like communication in the workplace. Vinny and his peers learned the significance of maintaining a positive work environment and the art of ensuring everyone’s wellbeing.

“As well as the practical element, we’ve been learning a lot about communication in the workplace and how to make sure everyone is happy, which is really important when it comes to this kind of work because it’s easy to hide.”

The Boat Building Apprenticeship not only gives students the basic skills and knowledge needed for a role in carpentry and boat fitting, but comes with a sense of security, too. At the end of his Apprenticeship, Vinny will be invited to undergo a short assessment and offered an interview for a full-time position with Princess Yachts.

If you’re thinking about taking on an Apprenticeship and want to know more, just click here to explore the exciting possibilities that City College Plymouth has waiting for you.