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Introduction to the publication scheme

Legal requirement
  1. Adopting a publication scheme is a requirement of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This Act promotes greater openness and accountability across the public sector by requiring all ‘public authorities’ to make information available proactively, through a publication scheme.
  2. ‘Public authorities’ are defined in the Act and include universities, further education colleges and sixth form colleges.
What is a publication scheme?
  1. A publication scheme is a document which describes the information a public authority publishes, or intends to publish. In this context, ‘publish’ means to make information available, routinely. These descriptions are called ‘classes of information’. The scheme is not a list of the actual publications, because this will change as new material is published or existing material revised. It is, however, the public authority’s commitment to make available the information described.
  2. A publication scheme must set out the classes, or categories, of information published. It must also make clear how the information described can be accessed and whether or not charges will be made.
The ‘model’ publication scheme for further education
  1. City College Plymouth has adopted the model publication scheme developed for the further education sector and is therefore committed to publishing the information it describes. This model has been approved by the Information Commissioner.
  2. This model is designed for further education colleges. The purpose of the model is to save institutions duplicating effort in producing individual schemes and to assist the public in accessing information from across the sector.
  3. The model publication scheme is supplemented by a Guide to Information. This Guide gives details of:
    • the information the College will routinely make available;
    • how the information can be accessed; and
    • whether or not a charge will be made for it.
Who we are

On the 1st April 1993 City College Plymouth became an independent corporate body funded primarily through the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) which was subsequently replaced by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and the Education Funding Agency (EFA) in 2010 . The institution is accountable through its Governing Body which has ultimate responsibility for the institution’s management and administration. The institution is an exempt statutory charitable corporation by virtue of the Further and Higher Education Act 1998.

The College’s Vision, Mission and Values Statement is below:

Our Vision …. is where our future lies.

We are a College with a national reputation for promoting enterprise, employability and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our Mission …. is what we focus on each and every day.

To be the South West’s leading provider of innovative, technical, professional education and training by supporting partnerships for growth, raising aspirations and enabling wealth creation.


  1. We put our students and our community at the hear of all that we do.
  2. We foster excellence, innovation and creativity.
  3. We celebrate diversity and inclusion and the breaking down of barriers to success.
  4. We have high expectations of ourselves, our students and our partners

The College is a large, broad-based General Further Education College providing a wide range of courses from Entry Level to Foundation Degree. It works with a large number of stakeholders and delivers provision on its own or through collaborative arrangements in many locations in Plymouth and its hinterland. It has recognised strengths in the technical areas of Engineering, Technology, Construction and Hospitality, and expertise in a range of other professional and vocational skill areas. It services the part-time vocational training needs of the Plymouth travel to work area. It has a sizeable ‘advanced FE/HE’ programme. It also strives to provide an inclusive curriculum and offers a variety of learning opportunities for people with disabilities and learning difficulties, and also works with the LEA and local schools to provide alternative programmes for young people at risk of alienation from main-stream education.


Kings Road Centre
Kings Road
Devon PL1 5QG
Telephone: 01752 305300
Goschen Centre
Saltash Road
Devon PL2 2DP
Telephone: 01752 305282*
Fax: (01752) 305098
* calls are recorded for the purposes of security and safety.
Picquet Barracks 
Cumberland Road
Mount Wise
Devon PL1 4HX
Telephone: (01752) 856827*
*calls are recorded for the purposes of security and safety.
Accessing information covered by the publication scheme
  1. The Guide to Information gives details of the information the College routinely makes available.
  2. The Guide indicates the manner in which the information described will be available. We have also indicated whether charges apply. For more information please see our Charging Policy.

For more information about our  publication scheme, please contact:

Legal Officer

Corporate & Legal Affairs
City College Plymouth
Kings Road

Tel: 01752 305300

Please note that the Guide to Information relates to ‘published’ information. Therefore, material covered has already been prepared in a format ready for distribution.

What about information not covered by the publication scheme?
  1. From 1 January 2005 you have the right (subject to any fee accorded by the Fee Regulations), under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, to request any information held by a public authority which it has not already made available through its publication scheme.   This is known as the Right to Know.
  2. Requests will have to be made in writing and, in general, the College will have 20 working days to respond.  We are entitled to charge a fee, which will have to be calculated according to Fees Regulations.  We will not be required to release information to which an exemption in the Act legitimately applies.  However, the College may be required to explain to the applicant why we are not releasing information and we may also have to justify this to the Information Commissioner.

It is important that this publication scheme meets your needs. If you find the scheme difficult to understand, please let us know.  We also welcome suggestions as to how our scheme might be improved. Any questions, comments or complaints about this scheme should be sent in writing to the Publication Scheme Co-ordinator below.

Legal Officer

City College Plymouth
Kings Road

Tel: 01752 305300

If we are unable to resolve any complaint, you can complain to the Information Commissioner, the independent body who oversees the Freedom of Information Act:

Information Commissioner

Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Further information

More information about the Freedom of Information Act is available on the Information Commissioner’s website at:


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