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Living in Plymouth

Welcome to Plymouth, a vibrant coastal city that combines rich historical heritage with modern innovation. Nestled between the scenic beauty of Dartmoor National Park and the vast expanse of the Atlantic, Plymouth offers a unique study environment with plenty of learning and leisure opportunities. Whether you’re drawn to the sea, interested in history, or looking for a vibrant student community, Plymouth has something to offer everyone. We’re here to help you make it your home away from home.

Accountability Statement - Plymouth Hoe - City College Plymouth

Explore the Historic Waterfront

Plymouth’s historic Barbican is the heart of the city’s maritime legacy. Wander through cobbled lanes, visit the Mayflower Steps where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail in 1620, and enjoy the bustling atmosphere of cafes, galleries, and shops.

Maritime Heritage at the Royal William Yard

The Royal William Yard, a stunning collection of Grade I listed military buildings, has been transformed into a vibrant cultural hub. Here, you can savour waterfront dining, explore art exhibitions, and participate in various events throughout the year.

A low light night scene of the Royal William yard harbour. This is a nearly developed part of Plymouth which host a number of restraints and a leisure harbour. A popular place for visitors to the city.The picture was captured at night which a long exposure creating some movement in the water and boats.

Green Spaces and Coastal Views

For nature lovers, Plymouth Hoe offers panoramic views of Plymouth Sound, one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbors. The Hoe is a perfect spot for picnics, with the iconic Smeaton’s Tower lighthouse providing a historical backdrop.

Retail and Leisure at Drake Circus

Drake Circus, Plymouth’s premier shopping destination, offers a wide range of retail options. It’s a great place for students to unwind, shop, and socialise.

Drake Circus Shopping Mall - Plymouth - CCP