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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh group standing in a waterfall

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award and, in the UK, more than 287,900 young people start their DofE journey every year! There are four different sections (five at Gold) that you need to complete for each level of the award. These are volunteering, physical, skills and expedition, which involve the development of life skills. DofE is personal and inclusive: you get to choose what to do for each section and for how long to do it for.

Learners in our thriving Skills Development department participate in the DofE and have their own dedicated team supporting them to complete all elements of the award, from the expedition to volunteering in the community.

The Award at City College Plymouth

At City College, students have the opportunity to sign up for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards, designed for young people aged 14-24 years of age.

Completing the Awards requires a great deal of commitment lasting between six and 18 months, but brings a great sense of personal achievement. Students need to complete four different sections: volunteering, skill, physical, and an expedition. For the Gold Award you will be expected to undertake a residential section.

  • Volunteering: to get involved in a project that helps the environment, individuals, charities, the community or all four.
  • Skill: to discover and develop new or existing personal interests, such as learning a new language, musical instrument or artistic skill, cooking or driving.
  • Physical: To participate and improve in some form of exercise, sport or physical fitness.
  • Expedition: To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery. (Training includes activities such as camp-craft, navigation, route planning and first-aid.)
  • Residential: To broaden a student’s experience through involvement with others in a shared activity away from home, in a residential setting for five days and four nights.

Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is entirely voluntary, however once a student registers, a consistent level of commitment is required.

What are you waiting for?! Call us on 01752 305300 or e-mail to sign-up!

If you have started your Award but not yet completed it we can help!

Sometimes all you need is some support, guidance and a nudge in the right direction on how to complete your award. If this sounds like you then please speak to our amazing staff in the Students’ Union, who have received eDofE training, enabling them to support you.

The eDofE SU team will be able to retrieve your old eDofE account, reactivate it and get you up and running again in no time at all. To support them and make the process more efficient it really helps if you have your eDofE ID Number, although we can still transfer your account without it.  

DofE is a commitment and a challenge but if you see it through, you will be rewarded with an internationally recognised award, which is valued by some of the largest employers and universities in the UK. The adventure starts here.

Who to contact?

Please email or pop into the Students’ Union to chat about your award.   Find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Awards by clicking: