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All of our accommodation options are safe and secure and located within 30 minutes travel of the city centre. Living away from home can seem daunting at first but it’s a great way to make new friends and experience living independently.

In all cases our accommodation ensures:

  • enhanced security
  • high speed internet
  • access to local amenities
  • communal areas
  • laundry facilities
  • fire alarm systems.

Accommodation options

You have a number of options for accommodation you can choose from. Please note students under the age of 18 will be placed with host families.

Staying with one of our host families is a great way to practise your English and experience a British family home. All of our under 18 international students stay with host families, unless your parents agree you can stay in other accommodation. Lots of over 18s prefer the comfort of a family home as well. You’ll get your own bedroom and three meals a day. Prices start at £120 a week for a single room.

Many of our host families have been working with the College for a number of years

You’ll have your own bedroom and bathroom, and will share a kitchen with other students. So you’ll be able to cook meals together, or just share a cup of tea. Most of the apartments are in the city centre, just a short walk from the free shuttle bus to the College. Prices start at £125 a week, including some of your bills.

If you’re looking for more independence, you could share a flat or house with other students. The International team can help you to find somewhere. You’ll have your own bedroom, and share other rooms. Prices start at around £99 a week, though you will need to pay extra for bills.

We offer different accommodation options to suit differing budgets and tastes, if you have any questions, or want us to help you find your new home, just contact the International team on +44 (0)1752 305857 or e-mail us at