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National Extended Diploma in Uniformed, Community & Public Services

Amelie has always had a profound interest in public services, largely influenced by her family’s strong background in the sector. 

“I’ve always been in a position where I know a lot of the ins-and-outs of the public sector, thanks to my family. I think that’s where my interest initially came from and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.”

So, an industry-endorsed course in public services at City College Plymouth seemed like the perfect option. Initially inspired to join the police force, Amelie put her all into her studies and equipped herself with the skills needed to follow her dream. The course not only deepened her understanding of the various aspects of public services but also equipped her with essential skills like leadership, teamwork, and empathy – crucial for any role.

“The course was unique in the fact that it didn’t just teach us about how to get into the armed forces, even though that’s the typical pathway. I actually learned a lot about health and social care which I found really interesting and I began to think about how I could move into that area.”

Realising that at the time, the police wasn’t the right path for her, Amelie decided to pursue her new-found passion for the healthcare sector, but she wanted to make the most of what she learnt on her course. Now, after graduating from the College, Amelie is working for Livewell Southwest alongside a nursing Apprenticeship, where she also attends university, but she still uses a lot of the skills she learned on her public services course. 

“Confidence was a big one. Discipline, resilience and confidence were the main personal skills that we focused on and they’ve gone on to help me dramatically in nursing. Not just my own confidence, either, but I’m able to develop the confidence of my team, too.”

But, it’s not just confidence that Amelie has been able to take into her new role …

“At the moment in my Apprenticeship I’m working on a ward supporting around 15 patients, alongside my team. I need clear, established leadership skills to do that, not only to make sure my team is working well but that our patients are being looked after. I wouldn’t have been able to lead a team like I am now without everything I learned on the public services course.”

In two years’ time, Amelie will be a fully qualified Nursing Associate, where she’ll be working on a ward, like she is now, or within the community. Looking to the future, she’s hoping to undertake a 18-month top-up course to further her studies and achieve a degree in mental health nursing – something she wouldn’t have been doing if it wasn’t for her public services course.

“Entering the public sector isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. There’s so many routes into these kinds of careers – I used to think I had to go to university but I’m doing an Apprenticeship which is so much better for me, personally.

“You don’t have to join the armed forces just because you studied public services. You could join nursing like I have, but there’s so many other options. There’s not just one path to follow.”

For those thinking about a career in the public sector, a course in public services is a great place to begin – no matter your end goal. To find out more about where an industry-supported course could take you, click here