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Cassidy Blake FEB'24 CCP

Assistant Brand Manager – Burts Snacks

Level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship

From having her heart set on joining the Navy as a nurse to being an Assistant Brand Manager at Burts Snacks, Cassidy’s journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster.

Initially determined to pursue a career as a naval nurse, Cassidy flew through the Royal Navy’s recruitment process. However, when things didn’t go as planned, she didn’t let this deter her ambitions. Cassidy redirected her aspirations and enrolled at the University of Plymouth to study nursing, still intending to join the services, but at a later stage.

Six months into her degree, she realised the course wasn’t quite what she expected it to be. Unwilling to commit to three years of studying something she wasn’t enjoying, Cassidy decided to make the bold decision to leave university and look at another route – an Apprenticeship with City College Plymouth.

With a background in A Level Business Studies, Cassidy’s interest naturally gravitated towards marketing, with her recently completing the Level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship at Burts Snacks.

“City College was the only provider offering this type of Apprenticeship with such a prominent employer in the South West. It was crucial for me to stay in education and continue learning, but I was eager for more practical experience. The Apprenticeship with Burts was the perfect blend, allowing me to gain hands-on experience while getting a head start on the corporate ladder.” 

Having now fully transitioned from being an apprentice to becoming a full-time employee, Cassidy enjoys the variety in her role. From being off-site managing photoshoots to creating content for Burts’ social media strategy, Cassidy is involved in a multitude of projects that widens her skillset everyday. And, she owes this progression in her career to her Apprenticeship …

“I really haven’t looked back since starting my Apprenticeship. Having the opportunity to work with and learn from people who have had 40+ years of experience in the industry is absolutely unmatched – you can’t get this from just doing a course.”

Unlike the more theoretical approach of university education, the Apprenticeship provided Cassidy with the unique opportunity to work independently and apply her learning in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience has been crucial in developing her practical skills and self-sufficiency, assets that are highly valued in the dynamic field of marketing.

Looking to the future, Cassidy is ambitious about climbing the career ladder within the marketing industry. The combination of practical experience gained during her Apprenticeship and the invaluable guidance from her manager has laid a robust foundation for her career growth. 

“The best advice I can give to someone considering an Apprenticeship is to remember that there’s a lot to learn outside of your nine to five day job. It pushes you to be really brave, develop your professional skills and flourish personally, too.”

If you’re thinking about taking on an Apprenticeship and want to know more, just click here to explore the exciting possibilities that City College Plymouth has waiting for you.