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Monterey House

Coming from a background of academic challenges, particularly in GCSE maths, Harry arrived at City College Plymouth with a firm determination to succeed.

Starting his journey at the College’s Monterey House venue, Harry was offered a structured environment tailored for young individuals, focusing on developing skills for independence, vocational options, and personal development. Monterey House is designed to support students with autism to access further education, independent living, and employment opportunities.

“There was a real change in atmosphere when I joined the College compared to my experience at school. I had a greater sense of freedom and I gained a greater sense of independence, especially in my thinking. The time I spent at Monterey House let me learn how to stop relying on others to make decisions for me and how to assert myself.

As well as my personal development, I also managed to pass my GCSE maths at the College, something I was never able to do at school!”

After Harry passed his GCSE, he moved onto the College’s Workstart course to get the opportunity to access a variety of work environments in order to develop his skills ready for employment. Harry secured a placement in the College shop where he progressed from working behind-the-scenes to front of house.

“The placement really improved my social skills through the interaction I was having with customers. It boosted my confidence in the workplace and it was a great experience.”

For Harry, studying at Monterey House was a critical step, providing the skills and confidence he needed to go on to pursue his passion – drama. Harry took on another course at the College to see if it was a good fit, and he really enjoyed it! The course gave him the opportunity to improve his knowledge in drama and theatre and it even led to him being accepted onto a course at university.

“I was absolutely ecstatic when I was offered a place at the University of Plymouth to study drama and theatre practice. It was a testament to my time at Monterey House and it was the starting place for everything that’s happened since. Monterey House has had a really significant role to play in my progression and I really appreciate all the help I’ve received from the College.”

Now, with graduation just around the corner, Harry is about to complete his degree and move onto even bigger and better things.

At City College, we believe further education should be accessible to everybody. Whether you’re an existing student here, studying elsewhere, or you are a parent assisting your child with what to do next, you are invited to be part of it. To find out about Monterey House and the College’s skills development courses, click here.