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Jessica Naeem

Having recently started a science course at City College, Jess Naeem has settled into her new environment nicely and is loving all of the different opportunities the College can offer her. 

Whilst at Plymstock School, Jess developed an interest in science and enrolled on a BTEC First Extended Diploma in Applied Science at the College to support her goal of working within the medical and healthcare profession. 

Having described herself as shy and quiet at school, Jess is now growing in confidence every day and is enjoying getting involved with a variety of College activities. 

Jess said: “My confidence has really grown since I joined the College. I would say I have some social anxiety, but City College is very accepting and friendly. In the past, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable answering a question in lessons; now I’m a student rep who had to give a speech to be elected. I’m also involved with the Student Ambassador scheme helping out at events such as open days and taster sessions. 

“I thought it might be a little daunting at first coming to the College as it’s so much bigger than school, but everyone on my course is really friendly and helpful. We help each other with assignments and projects and it’s great we all have a shared interest in science. 

“At the College, we’re treated like adults: we don’t have to call our lecturers ‘sir’ or ‘miss’, we call them by their first names. We are also given a lot of independence when it comes to lectures. The staff will always help you if you are struggling, but they encourage independent study to help you develop that skill.

“The science course is really interesting and you do loads of practical work: I think it’s impossible to ever get bored on this course as there is so much going on, plus you can focus on what interests you the most..

“I do miss school but, if like me you are ready to move on, I can thoroughly recommend City College. The staff are really helpful and the people are so relaxed – I feel really comfortable and at home here, and I’m looking forward to continuing with my studies and hopefully progressing on to university in a couple of years.”