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Martyna Dymna

When trying to decide the right career for her, 26-year-old Martyna Dymna said she made her decision based on what she felt would give her the best chance of finding a well-paid career with plenty of opportunities. 

Acknowledging the huge role that technology plays in our lives, Martyna said she chose to study software development, knowing that the only way is forwards for this particular industry. Originally from Poland, Martyna’s first experience of City College was in 2013 when she studied GCSE English and maths. Martyna then returned to the College five years later to attend an open day, where she was advised that an Access to Higher Education certificate in computing would allow her to then go on to study for a degree.

“The Access course was so well structured and well taught,” Martyna said. “The knowledge you gain from this course is really varied; you can go on to study a number of different degree-level courses. My particular interest is in apps and website development, so the Foundation Degree in Software Development seemed the best option for my specific career goals. 

“Some of my group chose to stay at the College and some went on to study elsewhere. I chose to stay as studying at the College makes it easier for me to work full-time alongside my studies. The levels of knowledge and experience offered by the lecturers is fantastic and the equipment available on campus is second to none. If you are wondering whether you might miss out by choosing to study at the College rather than at a university, I don’t believe that to be the case. The education offered here is as good as anywhere, but here you also benefit from smaller class sizes and more one-to-one support from the staff.” 

The structure of the software development course means students are encouraged to explore their own particular interests and acquire the skills necessary for their chosen career path, but also ensuring they leave the College prepared to take up a number of roles, from providing customer support to developing the very latest programs. 

For Martyna, one of the best things about the College is the friendly and laid back atmosphere. She said: “The lecturers are great at making everything we do interesting. They make studying enjoyable and they work really hard to support all of their students. They are always quick to respond to e-mails and queries, and if you have questions about something outside of the syllabus, 99% of the time they already know the answer, but if they don’t, it’s not too much trouble for them to find out the answer.

“The College is so used to supporting students of all ages that you never feel out of place, whatever your age or your background. If you are willing to put in the work, it’s a perfect place to help you start a new career.

“Technology is constantly developing: as a society, it won’t ever go backwards, only forwards, and I like the fact I’m entering an industry that will give me opportunities long into the future and potentially all over the world.”