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Level 2 Painting & Decorating

With aspirations of carving out a niche for herself in the competitive world of decorating, Abi was determined to master the craft under the guidance of some of the most skilled professionals in the field.

So, she undertook a Level 2 Painting and Decorating course at City College Plymouth!

“I decided to do the course because I knew it would be led by people who are highly skilled. Even better, everyone was really nice and friendly – it was a real privilege to be taught by them.” 

The College’s painting and decorating team played a pivotal role in Abi’s development. Their expert instruction ensured that she received a top-notch education in both the technical and artistic aspects of painting and decorating. But, it was their encouragement and support that truly made a difference. 

The lecturers’ commitment to going above and beyond for their students helped Abi feel valued and motivated throughout her educational journey. Thanks to the support and high-quality instruction she received, Abi successfully completed her course – emerging not only with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue her career but also with a newfound confidence. 

“I’m really grateful to the painting and decorating team at the College. They consistently go above and beyond for their students, being encouraging and inspiring. They helped me achieve my goal of becoming self-employed, which is something that I’ll be eternally grateful for.”