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Painting & Decorating Apprenticeship

From a painting and decorating novice to a trainer at Babcock, Aimee’s educational journey has really taken her places.

Enrolling on the painting and decorating Apprenticeship after evaluating a few options, Aimee flew through her studies and really got to grips with the trade from the get-go, with a little help from her mentors at City College Plymouth.

“I knew that my class was full of, essentially, grumpy teenagers. And, I was one of them! That didn’t stop the lecturers being excellent mentors, though. They always motivated me and my classmates to strive for excellence, no matter what.”

Through her Apprenticeship, Aimee not only honed her skills in painting and decorating but also unlocked a pathway into teaching, eventually becoming the NVQ assessor for the trade at the College. This role was her gateway into a broader educational sphere, allowing her to delve into teaching other trades and focusing on health and safety.

Her dedication and zeal for continuous learning propelled her to become a Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Trainer at Babcock. Attributing her success to the foundation laid during her Apprenticeship and the unwavering support of the College team, Aimee shared how she’s “feeling incredibly lucky to be doing what I’m doing, and I know I wouldn’t be here without the support, knowledge, and passion from the painting and decorating team!”

Reflecting on her journey, Aimee sees her background in painting and decorating as invaluable, not just professionally but also personally. She advocates for Apprenticeships as the best starting point for anyone looking to build a successful career. “My background in the trade has been so useful when training others, and also when I wanted to do my own projects,” Aimee explains, emphasising the practical benefits of Apprenticeships.

“I will shout about Apprenticeships to anyone that wants to listen! They’re a brilliant way of getting an education whilst getting hands-on experience and it’s got me to where I am today.”

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