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Sherford Skills Training Centre

From a six-year tenure in the marines to embarking on a career in the construction industry, it’s fair to say that Ben was looking for a change.

With a background that doesn’t traditionally align with construction, Ben’s interest in the field was sparked by managing a small property portfolio alongside his military career. So, when the time came for Ben to look at leaving the marines, he knew that he wanted to turn to the trade.

“Even though I develop properties, I’ve never really used a lot of tools before and I needed to get a general idea of all of the different trades in construction. That’s exactly what this course with City College offers, a taste of everything.”

The hands-on experience that Ben gets from his course, delivered at the Sherford Skills Training Centre, is what initially attracted him to it. Despite finding that bricklaying was not his preferred trade, the experience was invaluable for understanding the breadth of skills required in the construction industry. From plastering to other trade skills, Ben appreciated the opportunity to get to grips with different jobs. 

“We’ve learnt all about health and safety on-site and how to ensure you’re doing the job correctly, but most of the time we’re in the workshop getting that hands-on experience which is great.”

Aside from the hands-on experience, one of Ben’s favourite parts of the course has been the opportunity to meet local professionals in the industry, giving him an insight into potential career paths post-training. But, Ben recognises the current demand for skilled tradespeople, with a clear imbalance between supply and demand in the market.

“It’s not affordable for a lot of people to get things fixed in their houses, to make their property safer or just generally ensure better living conditions. That’s why courses like these are so important – it’s getting more people into construction, which ultimately impacts the community. After all, we’re working to give people warm and safe housing.”

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