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Foundation Degree in Marine Autonomous Vehicles

Braden, an autonomous surface vessel intern at MSubs, recently took a trip to meet Her Majesty, The Queen to talk about his maritime pursuits.

And, his experience in industry!

Braden completed his foundation degree with City College Plymouth in May 2023, which saw him study a number of modules across software and hardware and was prepared to enter a small, but rapidly growing, industry in Plymouth.

“Through my degree, I met others on similar courses, who had entirely different backgrounds in their respective fields. This provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss and learn not only from my lecturers, but my peers, too.

“Because of the partnerships that the College has with local industry partners, I was given the opportunity to work on, and maintain, an autonomous vessel before my course even concluded – something not many people get to do.”

Now, a little over a year into industry with his employer, MSubs, Braden is a budding expert in a niche field, armed with skills and experiences that promise to shape the future of marine technology. “I’ve picked up so many skills and can’t wait to see where this path leads. I’m really excited about being a part of the foundation of the industry and moulding it into my career” he says, reflecting on his journey.

Braden was invited to join College staff at Buckingham Palace when the Principal was presented with the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. The highlight of his journey was undoubtedly the conversation with Her Majesty during the awards ceremony. Her Majesty’s interest in the nuances of autonomous vessel construction reflected the significance of the project, bridging the gap between royal recognition and technological innovation. 

“To be invited to such a prestigious event, to stand among the best, was an honour and a blast from start to finish. It’s something few of us will ever forget and I couldn’t be prouder of the College, and Plymouth.”

For those looking to follow in Braden’s footsteps, there’s plenty of opportunity right here in Britain’s ocean city. To take a look at your next move in the maritime industry, click here.