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BsC in Integrated Technology Engineering

Nathan, a cost engineer at the Ministry of Defence, recently took a trip to meet Her Majesty, The Queen to talk about his maritime pursuits.

And, how he got stuck in almost ten years ago!

“I’ve been studying at City College Plymouth periodically for almost ten years now. I started the Engineering Apprenticeship with the MOD at the College back in 2014, then I came back to Kings Road in 2018 to complete a Foundation Degree in Naval Architecture.”

Nathan was lucky enough to be part of the first cohort to attend the College’s new Centre of Higher Technical Innovation & Maritime Skills at Oceansgate, where he is currently completing a bachelor’s degree. He notes that every course he’s completed at the College has been “both challenging and interesting in equal measure,” with the knowledge he’s gained, and the professional relationships he’s developed, allowing him to move into various roles within the MOD.

Nathan was invited to join College staff at Buckingham Palace when the Principal was presented with the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. The highlight of his journey was undoubtedly the conversation with Her Majesty during the awards ceremony. Her Majesty’s interest in the nuances of autonomous vessel construction reflected the significance of the project, bridging the gap between royal recognition and technological innovation. 

“I was really grateful to be invited to Buckingham Palace. I’ve personally benefited, alongside thousands of others, from the work that the College has been doing in marine and maritime skills so it was fantastic to attend and see the College recognised alongside other academic institutions leading the way in their fields, too.”

For those looking to follow in Nathan’s footsteps, there’s plenty of opportunity right here in Britain’s ocean city. To take a look at your next move in the maritime industry, click here.