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Bria Smith

With ambitions of becoming an environmental lawyer, Bria Smith believes she is on the perfect course for her career goal. 

Whilst Bria never really enjoyed science at school, the opportunity to carry out conservation work in Ecuador opened her eyes to the career opportunities environmental science offers, which in turn led her to the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Environmental Science at City College, which will give her the equivalent of three A Levels at the end of her course. 

Bria said: “Studying science at the College is so different from how it is taught at school. Personally, I enjoy the modules on legislation and policy most of all, but I’ve found all of the modules extremely engaging. 

“The lecturers are all really friendly and their approach to work is quite relaxed, but the fact they treat you like adults is really motivating when it comes to completing your assignments. At the end of the first year, we were tasked with setting up our own study that can be accessed by other students, and I really liked being given the freedom to choose my focus area. I don’t think you get the same degree of freedom with A Levels.

“It’s a very varied course and covers lots of different topics, which is perfect for deciding what you want to specialise in. Being able to study the politics that is involved with environmental legislation has confirmed what I want to do in the future, but you can take many different routes after studying this course.”

Bria said her favourite thing about City College is the friendly atmosphere and being able to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds and being around people of all ages. Bria has also taken up the opportunity to get involved with student representation and is currently a course rep, and has also been an active student ambassador. 

Bria added: “We have a lot of fun at the College, but I also feel I am doing the perfect course to suit my career goals. There are many opportunities to be had as a result of studying environmental science.”

By choosing to study this course at the College, you will receive a varied learning programme that can enable you to progress to environmental, marine and sustainability industries or provide you with the entry requirements to study a range of degrees at university, such as ecology, geology and many more. You will also develop the scientific skills that are needed for conducting research, and how to accurately report your findings.