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Painting & Decorating Apprenticeship

College alumni, Laura, has carved out a successful career in painting and decorating.

Laura’s time at City College Plymouth was a period of significant growth and development, not only in her academic studies, but in her personal life, too. While her initial interest in the field quickly evolved into a genuine skill, Laura grew into a more confident version of herself.

“I loved my time studying at City College Plymouth. I started off as a diploma student and then my lecturer, Syd, put me forward for an Apprenticeship. He saw something in me that I didn’t even see myself.”

Coming from a challenging background, Laura not only excelled in painting and decorating under her lecturer’s mentorship but also received some essential support in her personal development.

During her studies, she participated in various prestigious competitions such as Skill Build and the Dulux competition. One of her most notable achievements was competing in the AkzoNobel Centre’s Pitch2Win competition in Newcastle, where she secured second place. Laura fondly recalls this experience, stating, “Competing in Pitch2Win and coming second was an experience I will never forget. The prizes were amazing, but the experience itself was invaluable.”

Upon completing her Apprenticeship, Laura embarked on a professional career in decorating. She initially worked for a company that helped build her confidence in the trade, and then progressed to Rogers Decorators, where she was trained as a site supervisor and manager. Laura went on to establish her own business, working on high-end properties in Cornwall, and is now a painting and decorating lecturer at Truro and Penwith College. 

Looking back at her time at City College, Laura remains eternally grateful to her lecturer and the support she continues to receive from the College and recommends the Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship to anyone interested in the trade, citing “the opportunities are endless!”

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