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PDVL Overseas Ltd – Taiwan

PDVL Overseas Advisory was established in Malaysia in 2007, and has been in close partnership with City College Plymouth for a long time. Our mission is to help Asian students study abroad in the UK, and to improve their English language proficiency, global insights and international experiences. Over the past 10 years, with the intention to reach out to more Asian students, PDVL has also set up several branches in Indonesia, Thailand and China.

PDVL has established a new branch in Taipei, Taiwan in 2018 to provide Taiwanese students with more opportunities to gain access to British higher education. We intend to expose Taiwanese students to the UK education system in a more cost- and time-effective manner.

To achieve our mission, we have been engaging directly with various high schools and Government Education Bureaus for various education projects and initiatives. Below is the list of projects that are currently being coordinated:

PDVL威能國際留學有限公司於2007年在馬來西亞成立,長期與普利茅斯城市學院合作。 我們旨在幫助亞洲學生在英國留學,提高他們的英語能力、全球視野和經驗。 過去10年來,為了服務越來越多的亞洲學生,因此我們在亞洲設立了數個據點,如印尼、泰國和中國。

有鑑於此,我們亦於2018年在台灣台北設立了新據點,幫助台灣學生接觸英國高等教育。 我們希望能在台灣學生和英國教育系統之間架起一座透明的橋樑,既節省他們的時間,也減少不必要的成本。 因此,我們一直在與高中和教育局合作進行各種項目。 下面是各個課程/計劃介紹。

The Prince Dual Qualification Programme

Students who joint this programme will study in the UK for 5 months. Upon the completion of this course, students will then transfer back to Taiwan to complete the rest of their high school education. The credits that students will earn during the Prince Dual Qualification Programme will be transferred directly when they transition back to their Taiwanese high schools.
This means that students do not need to retake subjects that they have missed.
Through this course, students will be awarded a Foundation Certificate from City College Plymouth, and graduate with a high school Diploma at the same time. This dual qualification system is time-saving and cost-effective for students.
Therefore, Taiwanese students will not need to study an additional Foundation course after graduating. In addition, it allows them to progress directly to a Bachelor’s degree programmes the UK.

International Preparation Course in Business (IPCB)

This programme is established in many Taiwanese high schools with the intention to give students access to the British education system and its resources while they are still studying in Taiwan. It also provides students with more study options.
This course educates students on basic Business knowledge and improves their English skills based on the UK’s national syllabus. The skills gained will give students a competitive edge when they progress to a university programme.
The IPCB not only awards students with an NQF Level 3 Foundation Certificate, but it also allows them to progress to the Premier International Year 1 programme at City College Plymouth.
These are the high schools that have implemented the IPCB as part of their school programme.



Below are the partner schools:

  • 臺北市立永春高級中學 Taipei Municipal Yongchun High School
  • 臺北市立大理高級中學 Taipei Municipal Dali High School
  • 臺北市立大安高級工業職業學校 Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational High School
  • 臺北市立復興高級中學 Taipei Municipal Fuxing High School
  • 臺北市立麗山高級中學 Taipei Municipal Lishan Senior High School
  • 臺北市立中崙高級中學 Taipei Municipal Zhong-Lun High School
  • 臺北市立大同高級中學 Taipei Municipal Datong High School
  • 臺北市立內湖高級中學 Taipei Municipal Neihu High School
  • 臺北市立南港高級工業職業學校 Taipei Municipal Nangang Vocational High School
  • 臺北市私立天主教靜修中學 Blessed Imelda’s School
  • 新北市立中和高級中學 New Taipei Municipal Zhonghe Senior High School
  • 臺北市私立大同高級中學 Tatung High School
  • 臺北市立南湖高級中學 Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School

Premier International Year 1

The Premier International Year One (PIY1) is an accelerated programme for high-achieving students that combines the Foundation year and the first year of a Bachelor’s degree into one academic year.
This course will focus on developing students’ knowledge in Business-related subjects, as well as improving their English language skills.
Upon the successful completion of this course, students will then progress to the second year of various bachelor degree programmes in Business at a select group of UK universities.


  • Premier International Year One (PIY1) 是一個混合 3級與第4級的課程,提供成績優異的國際學生一年內完成預科與大學一年級,是個具有挑戰性的快速課程。

The Prince Summer Course

The Prince Summer Programme is a challenging and inspiring Foundation course that prepares international students to further their studies at internationally-renowned British universities. This programme is designed to equip students with academic literacy, skills and knowledge required to successfully tackle an undergraduate degree programme.
The Prince Summer Programme is split into two parts: Part I and Part II, which occurs across two summers in the UK. Students who successfully complete both Parts will be awarded an NQF Level 3 International Foundation Certificate. This Certificate allows students to directly enrol for their degree studies in a university of their choice.

Students who only complete Part I will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.



皇家夏令營分為兩個部分(Part1Part2),學生將在英國花兩個暑假學習,順利完成第一部分&第二部分的學生將獲得英國NQF 3級的證書(等同大學預科資格)。僅參與第一階段的學生將獲得課程參與證明。