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PDVL Overseas Ltd – China

PDVL was established in Malaysia in 2007. It works closely with City College Plymouth and we are dedicated to providing students with more opportunities to

access international education. The learning experiences that our students have gained through our education ventures have been well-received and supported by the local education bureaus and Ministries of Education in various Asian countries. Below are the courses that PDVL and City College Plymouth, UK have been running together since 2012. 

PDVL 于2007年在马来西亚成立且与英国普利茅斯城市学院长期保持密切合作,致力于为更多学生提供接受优质国际教育的机会。学生在普利茅斯城市学院就读获取的成绩与文凭,受到广大亚洲国家的教育部门认可。以下是自2012年以来PDVL与英国普利茅斯城市学院共同推出的主要国际课程。

The Prince Programme 预科皇家课程

The Prince Programme is a challenging and inspiring Foundation course that prepares international students to further their studies at internationally-renowned British universities. This programme is designed to equip students with the academic literacy, skills and knowledge required to successfully meet the requirement of an undergraduate degree programme. Students who join The Prince programme will spend 5 months studying in the UK from February to July. This programme is an ideal pathway for students who have completed 12 years of high school education, to enter to top universities in the UK.


Premier International Year 1 国际商科大一课程(PIY1)

The Premier International Year One (PIY1) Course is a blended NQF Level 3 and 4* programme, offering high-achieving international students a challenging, accelerated programme with a duration of 10 months.

This is an intensive and demanding programme that enables students to develop academic Business knowledge and English language skills that allows them to progress to the second year of business-related undergraduate degree programmes at a selected group of UK universities upon successful completion. 



The Prince Summer Course 皇家夏令营计划

The Prince Summer Programme is a challenging and inspiring program for ambitious students to study over 2 consecutive summer periods (Part 1 & Part 2)  to fully utilise the summer breaks in high school study terms to explore education at a pre-university level and study abroad experiences. Students will learn different academic subjects equivalent to A-Level standards, together with leadership and volunteering programs. Students who successfully complete both Parts will be awarded an NQF Level 3 International Foundation Certificate, and a Pre-Duke of Edinburgh Certificate of Participation. Students who only complete Part I will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.  


International Preparation Course in Business Plus (IPCB Plus+) 国际商科先修课程优+计划

The International Preparation Course in Business (IPCB) Plus is an enhanced version of the IPCB that equips undergraduate students with a comprehensive introduction to various Business subjects, which is integrated within the curriculum of many Asia-Pacific higher education institutions. Each subject in this course exposes students to key aspects of business operations and analysing information, useful skills in making effective business decisions. Students will also practice using English in a business setting, which helps them build confidence in their English language skills regardless of what context it is used in. Throughout the programme, students not only acquire business knowledge that allows them to be well-prepared for future master study, but also improve their English skills. Students can freely choose to take part one full semester exchange to study in the UK during their second year or third year of university studies. During the exchange in the UK, students will get the opportunities to undertake career exposure and workplace observation. At the end of this IPCB Plus, students able to achieve the English proficiency level required for master application and have their IELTS requirement exempted for certain universities.